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Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1980s, have been manufacturing slewing bearings for more than 20 years. The diameters of the race track of slewing bearing range Φ200mm~5000mm. In January of 2013, Haoyao brand was awarded as Shangdong Famous Brand title.

Yantai Tiancheng Machinery Co.,Ltd.,founded in 2015,specializes in wind turbine slewing bearings. With an investment of $59 million, we are equipped with the best equipment and quality management system. As a sister company of Yantai Haoyang Machinery Co.,Ltd.,we carry on their experience in design,manufacturing, quality controlling, etc.  Now we are trusted by our customers for our world-class design, exquisite craftsmanship and quality assurance system.

Slewing bearing is mainly applied to excavator, tower crane, auto crane, harbor crane, marine crane, tunneler, wind energy, packaging and filling machine, forklift, personnel lift, robot, radar, medical scanner, aerospace, vehicle and ship engineering.

Over the past years, in the principle of meeting customer demands, and in the philosophy of “Technology-driven & Quality-focused”,  we have set up an R&D center in Shanghai and taken a finite element methods in the designing new type bearings, equipped 6 MW pitch and yaw bearing testing machine and a 6m*6m Zeiss measuring machine.

At present, our products not only meet the demands of domestic more than 200 customers, but also are selling to Japan, Southeast Asia, USA, Europe, etc.


Single Row Four-Point Contact Series
Without Gear With External Gear With Internal Gear
Single Row Crossed Roller Series
Without Gear With External Gear With Internal Gear
Double-Row Ball Series

Triple-Row Roller Series
Without Gear With External Gear With Internal Gear

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